Training Opportunities


Mount Eagle Health Care offer a variety of training and educational programs both skill and non-skilled through Mount Eagle College & University. We offers high quality education and training programs in the medical and healthcare fields that are career-focused, high-demand and technical in nature. As career challenges and opportunities are recognized, new programs are developed with the cooperation of industry leaders to meet the needs of our students, graduates and employers.   

The training currently available include

  1. PCA (Personal Care Assistance), these classes are offered in Winston Salem and Greensboro both day and night for your convenience, you do not need certification
  2. CNA (Certified Nursing Aide), we offer both CNA-I and CNA-II Training in partnership with Mount Eagle College & University for our prospective and current employees.
  3. Refresher Courses for CNA particularly for those whose license has expired and would like to be re-certified to work as CNA again.
  4. CPR for all of our employees, we make arrangements for group certification and re-certification. Please call us or the Mount Eagle College for an arrangement.


For more information on training programs opportunities please visit