Business Opportunity

Licensing and Business Partnering Opportunity in North Carolina

Mount Eagle Health Care is currently offering the opportunity to license and train individuals who are interested to open home health services in North Carolina. Interested partners should call the Headquarters and set an appointment to get further information.

Why is home healthcare licensing opportunity the best for those who want to start the business? Here’s a quick snapshot of the unique opportunity in this fast-growing sector:

  1. Lower investment: While it can cost $500,000 or more to open a fast-food franchise, most home-healthcare franchises/licensing cost less to start up. The initial investment is primarily for hiring marketing, recruiting and training staff, and for office space.
  2. High revenue: From that relatively low investment, home-health business can drive a lot of volume, especially after the first year’s ramp-up making connections with key referrers such as elder-law attorneys and social workers.
  3. Growing demand: Demand is forecast to grow sharply, thanks to the aging of baby boomers. The number of people over age 60 is set to triple to 2 billion by 2050, the UN estimates.

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